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Jun. 13th, 2011

USUK; King&Queen

RP Intro Post

This is an RP journal. Please comment if you are interested in starting an RP with me. Here is a little info on what I do/like, it changes from time to time but not very drastically. :)

First I have to say that I have an RP partner but I am more than willing to start up new ones since she gets busy every once in a while. Although please do note that I do get busy at times too and like a more laid back style type. I can certainly work with your time as well just please give notice if you will be gone for more than two days or something. :)

I live in CA so west coast time zone but I tend to be on at all times so anything would work. I suppose when I’m never on is 4am-10am mornings.

I can do any style you’d like but I do tend to write a lot as a general warning and I don’t do IM or chatbox.

I would like to do the RP through LJ or email, though LJ would be preferred. If we become super comfortable you might be able to talk me into IMing I just find that really intimidating. ^^;

I’m fine with AU’s or canon and most storylines. I love fluff but can do angst however I require a happy ending, it is a must.

I can do either America or England though I like doing America more sometimes I get the urge to play as England though. :)

I RP smut but I won’t start off with it. As for kinks nothing too out there I suppose, no bloodplay, watersports, noncon, torture(in smut) or stuff of that nature.

This is the tricky part as I know a lot of RP tends to be USUKUS but I only work with USUK. So England will never top. Sorry I know that it’s really popular but it makes me uncomfortable. Furthermore I’m looking for an uke-type of England or a seme-type of America although America doesn’t have to be super!seme if you don't want. For England, I would like for him to be uke-like for this RP since I rarely get to play that out. However it definitely doesn’t have to be a constant thing(or at all if you are really opposed) just as long as he bottoms.

UPDATED: 10/14/11 -- Right now I would LOVE to RP with an America/Alfred with this mindset:

RPs I’m currently interested in trying out are(UPDATED 10/23/11 - I will remove only when I'm no longer interested in doing one a lot, although chances are I would still be up for it):

King/Queen RP
Nekotalia fluff
Quarterback!Alfred/Cheerleader!Arthur(preferably cross-dressed at some point)
Mpreg USUK
Mpreg King/Queen USUK
*Priest!Alfred/Nun!England(involves cross-dressing)
*Priest!Alfred/Britannia Angel
pediatrician!Alfred with malenurse!England
FamousDoctor!Alfred and Intern!Arthur
*Famous allies boyband with Arthur secretly in love with Alfred/they are forced together by their manager because it's good publicity(Alfred of course also becomes interested in Arthur too).
Harry Potter AU
*50's style USUK with old fashioned courting and rules preferably in an alternate world so we can take out the stigma.(cross-dressing!Arthur preferred because I love those 50s skirts)
You've Got Mail USUK RP
Fairytale!USUK ala Once Upon a Time or something along those lines, also interested in a dark fairytale type(can be combined with a King/Queen AU)

**Sun!God Alfred with Britannia Angel
Sun!God Alfred chases after Britannia Angel in the world of the gods. The Angel is very tsundere and doesn't think it's appropriate for Angels to have relationships let alone one with the Gods(they are like their masters in this world). A very stubborn Angel who refuses to change his ways and a literally sunny Alfred who makes it his mission to do just that. (I also want to make this into a story so preferably someone who is okay with me using it to make one -with credit of course for any work that isn't mine- though I will probably edit to make fit for a story atmosphere.)

*These are the ones I personally really, really want to do.

**I need to RP this. XD However I will only RP it with someone who I have already RPed with so it won't be a starter. I'm a bit picky on it since I want to make it a story.

I'm also willing to do RPs for other pairings, such as PrussiaxAustria, GermanyxItaly, AmericaxRussia(this is a twisted version, I just can't do them lovey dovey and America is always dominant).

I am very open to anything you would like to do though. :D While light hearted RPs are what I’d like to do most of, I am definitely up for making them more serious as my current RP that I'm doing is that way.
Al; Eagle

June 2011



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